TurnTable for Big Sur


Optimized & Designed
for Big Sur & Apple M1 chip.

TurnTable is Revolutionary Music Player Software.
A Music Player for Artists, Creatives, & people who just want more.

A Music Player for Dreaming, Smoking, Crying, daily fun use,
using for your music- listening rituals,
whatever you may want & need.

Works with, fully compatible with Apple Music.
Your complete Apple Music Library will be available in TurnTable.
Beautiful Album Art Like Real Records. Enjoy every Album you own as full- window album art & track list. Like a Real Record.
Albums View. Pick and Choose from your Albums, shuffled in a full- window collection view. Album art and album title text.
Tracks View. Enjoy a jukebox- style shuffle of your Tracks. Pick and Play Tracks for fun, at random.
Discography. When viewing an Artist, you get their whole Discography, year- ordered. So you can see the artist's albums legacy and how they developed.
Collections. Organize your Artists & Albums into the playlist- like Collections. For tastes, genres, moods, other ideas, things you've been meaning to listen to, etc...
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