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CHM’s programs inform our ongoing work and commitment to decoding technology for individuals, communities, and humanity. Our programs explore technology through specialized lenses to help us better understand the past, contextualize the present, and look ahead to the future.

Fellow Awards Program

The Fellow Awards Program honors distinguished technology pioneers—unsung heroes and legends—for their outstanding merit and significant contributions that have advanced computing, illuminated our world, and propelled humanity forward. This prestigious program is supported with collecting, education, research, and media efforts that reflect the seminal work of each Fellow and further the Museum’s mission to decode technology for everyone. Fellows are selected annually through a public nomination process.

Learn more about the 2023 Fellow Awards.

Learn about the Fellow Awards program and explore our Hall of Fellows.

Internet History Program

The Internet History Program records the history of the online world, including the web, the internet, and mobile data. Launched in 2009, it is one of the first general programs in this area by a major historical institution. The program addresses networking as both a technical invention and a new mass medium with a growing role in society. Its main work includes growing CHM’s world-class collection of networking history materials, scholarly activities, developing public events, and curating both permanent and temporary exhibits related to the online world.

Internet History Program

Corporate History Partnerships

Corporate History Partnerships aim to preserve business history and company stories in Silicon Valley and across the globe to expand our collective history. Archivists and curators leverage CHM’s unique expertise, brand, and marketing skills along with decades of experience in establishing business archives and producing exhibits and oral histories. Current partnerships include the Center for Cisco Heritage and the Google Founders Collection.

Center for Cisco Heritage

Google Founders Collection

Program Projects and Highlights


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