Centers of Expertise


CHM’s centers of expertise expand understanding through focused research, publishing, preservation, and programming efforts that build community, disseminate knowledge, and offer unique insights.

Center initiatives span the Museum’s core strengths, including collections, exhibits, education, events, research and insights, and thought-leadership.

Exponential Center

Exponential is all about sustaining and sharing the recipe of Silicon Valley.

— Larry Sonsini, Senior & Founding Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Exponential Center Advisory Board Chair

The Exponential Center is the first museum institution devoted to capturing the legacy and advancing the future of entrepreneurship and innovation in Silicon Valley and around the world.  We collect and share the stories of founders and builders of the Digital Age. We explore the birth, growth, and impact of iconic companies. We examine how Silicon Valley and other ecosystems around the world can serve humanity to inform and inspire the next generation of changemakers.

Exponential Center

Software History Center

A medium powerful enough to extend man’s reach is powerful enough to topple his world.

— Alan Kay, Software Pioneer

The Software History Center collects and preserves historical software, archives, and oral histories. The center explores people-centered stories, documents software-in-action, and leverages the Museum’s rich collections to tell the story of software. The center seeks to put history to work today in gauging where we are, where we have been, and where we are heading.

Software History Center

Projects and Highlights


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