K–12 Students & Educators

Learn about the technological innovations that have shaped our modern world in fun and engaging ways. Take a tour, do a scavenger hunt, or check out our games and resources below.

TechQuest on Roblox

TechQuest, CHM’s new game on Roblox, teaches kids grades 3–8 how tech can solve real-world challenges. In Conservation World and Automation World, students track animals to monitor biodiversity, measure the health of coral reefs, see how automation can make life easier and safer, and much more.

Using drones, VR goggles, and a hacking tool, players complete fun tasks and earn rewards. They’ll also meet a robot and explore an exhibit to learn about tech innovations.


Minecraft: Education Edition

The Great Tech Story, CHM’s world in Minecraft: Education Edition, immerses students ages 8–18 in a virtual exhibit where they engage with key artifacts and innovators and teleport to learn hardware and software concepts, meet a startup team, debate ethics in tech, and reflect on how technology is used in daily life.

Culminating in a “build challenge,” students apply their knowledge to tackle real-world problems, building their capacity as active problem solvers, digital citizens, and future innovators.

The Great Tech Story

Tours and Self-Guided Visits

K–12 students explore the history of computing and its ongoing impact on humanity through tours and self-guided visits that integrate key skills such as observation, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Docent-led tours are available for groups of up to 30 students.

Learn more and schedule your visit.

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